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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

go go go!!

This week I had to have a very good telling off to myself! As you may have read I keep on saying that I have 'started again' or that I need to up my game, well, in all honesty I haven't. One week I will loose a bit, the next gain some and I feel like a yo yo on a piece of weight loss string!
So on Thursday night I told myself off - I openly admitted it on the WW UK support group page on face book and the support I got from people was amazing - told you I love that group and this made me love it even more! Since February the pounds have been slowly creaping back on and i've gained a sickening 7lbs - and then reality hit me and realised why I am doing this all in the first place.
I worked out that I would eat really well and healthy and then I would have a few days binging on naughty pizza or naughty amounts of chocolate! But to loose weight you must be consisitant and yes, although those odd few days you CAN treat yourself but not every week and definately not EVERY day!!!
You may remember that I bought the propoints pack a few weeks ago... Well this has been my weight-loss-life-saver! And I can now say that those horrible 7lbs are slowly but surely coming off.... So just like my run up to Christmas, I thought I would start back up again on my weekly losses - that too is a great push as it's a written public chart!
Week 1 - 0lbs
Week 2 - 2lbs
Week 3 - 1lb
So when I sit down for lunch it now looks like this, with my journal stuck to the side of me! ....
So back to life in general.... What have I been upto? Hummmm well I've been busy as always - I had an amazing time singing with The Sydney Staff Songsters - we (The International Staff Songsters) did a joint concert with them in Staines on Wednesday 23rd April
On the Friday (25th) evening and all day on the Saturday (26th) we (The ISS) were recording
On the Saturday evening I was then the guest soloist of the Enfield Citadel Band of The Salvation Army (and as you can tell my voice was then shattered). I sung two contrasting peices - Ave Maria by Caccini and I also sung 'I feel like singing all the time' by Keith Prynn.
I'm just glad that day I started my day like this....
One of the great things about Weight Watchers is that you can use up your left overs and things in the cupboards and fridge like this...
I made a lovely chicken curry-esk thing with left over veg from the fridge.
And who knew how easy it was to make a small amount of jam to serve on crumpets for a lovely warm breakfast....

I just used up some left over blue berries (and 2 raspberries I think) popped them in the microwave for literally 20 seconds and put them on my toasted crumpets - you don't even need to use the butter - brilliant extra point saving tip!!

I have also made an amazing 3pp roast dinner - you can check out how and the recipe here....
I have also been loving my julienne peeler more and more - it saves so much time and makes your food look really posh with little effort!!

Ohhh.... Raddishes - totally fogot about these little gems until I found some reduced in Lidls!!

And talking about Lidls and bargains..... You can get a whole bag of mixed seeds from there for ONLY 99p... perfect for sprinkling on your salad to add a bit of crunch!!

Easter - remember back then?! Seems ages ago now but to stop myself going over-board on eating away on the chocolate I smashed my eggs up and pointed them all up into bags....
Ummm.... lunch!

Again, lovely low pp dinners - This was Cous cous and asparagus salad with fish and a corn on the cob - 9pp

You may have seen that I am in training at the moment for Race for Life - out running I have the opportunity to see some amazing views.....

I've also in these last 2 weeks found my love for pesto.... What better way to make pasta yummy than to add a bit of pesto to it ... for only 1pp for 1 tbsp it's not too bad on the points.

Dinner - Salad with 10x olives(1pp), 3pp chicken, pasta & pesto.
I spoilt myself and bought myself a Bobble - I try and drink a whole 1ltr at work a day and this bottle is 1ltr. If you haven't seen them before, it's basically a water bottle with a filter on it.

Oh, and then Mr O treated me to these Kofte kebabs... But they were so high in propoints I gave one to Mr O - so he ended up having 3!
So, back to normality - I have some amazing events planned for this weekend which I can't wait to share with you all....
Have a lovely week and enjoy the sun that is supposed to come....
Love, Mrs O x