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Saturday, 31 August 2013

...500 more to go....

Hello all!

So, as you may remember from reading THIS POST, I decided that I would do a 'give away' at 5,000 page views.

We are nearly there.... 500 more views to go to get there.

So to 'spur' you on in spreading the word of Mrs O, I thought I would give you a little spoiler on what the give away may be....

It is a favourite of many beauty Youtubers and bloggers.... And it has featured on one of my tutorials

Can any of you guess what it may be?.....

Remember, to check out my latest video HERE.

Anyway, keep viewing and commenting :)

Love, Mrs O x

Thursday, 22 August 2013

To the future... September

I have been thinking of a way to get my 'creative juices' flowing....

So, I have decided to make a 'September Oath' of me creating a minimum of one new creative thing each week.

Not only will this give me a start to making Christmas things and pressies, but it will also enable me to try new crafts to fall in love with (Sorry Mr O).

At the moment I am making lots and lots of granny squares by crochet and although it's really cool to think how quick it is to make one, it is a bit tedious. Mr O is a good support though and pushes me. He even times me how long it takes to make one!

I already have a few things in mind and up my sleeve, however, if any of you have any thing you would like me to create or try creating, let me know....

You can either comment below or let me know by Twitter ( @thelifeofmrso ) 
or you can message me here ( -----> ) 

Have any of you got any favorite crafty things you love to do?....

Love, Mrs O x

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Car Booty fun

After accumulating lots and lots of stuff we decided to take all the extra stuff to a car boot sale. We raised a profit of £22.30. Although its not much we have now cracked what we need to do to gain better sales etc.

Enjoy this vlog of the day:

Lots of love, Mrs O x

Guinea love

So as many of you know, in the O household, we have a big love for our guinea pigs. We have 2 guinea pigs called Ben & Jerry which are named after one of our other loves of ice cream! 

We keep our 'boys' (as they are also known here) indoors which allows us to have lots more fun and interaction with them. 

If anyone would love a small, first time pet, then I would advise them to get a guinea pig. I have had rabbits before, which I loved, but the guinea pigs actually interact with you. Every morning they will wait for their food and if they hear us ignoring them then they squeak until we give them attention. They are like having a dog too in many ways. When we get home from work or a day out, as soon as eh hear us they squeak, just to remind us that they are there. 

We have numerous giggles and fun with them, we document as much as we can do with them.  As you can see in the video we are also trying to find new ways to get their little guinea pig brains busy. This also includes trying lots of different foods out. 

Watch my video here:

Do any of you have any small pets? What's their favourite thing to eat? 

Have fun watching. 

Love, Mrs O x

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Annoying phone.... Lost all my videos!

Hello there all
So this morning when I went to upload my videos up to youtube, it wouldn't let me as it said that I did not have enough storage space (ANNOYING!). So I thought if I deleted some videos off of my phone then it will save it.....
Only problem is now is that it has lost all my videos and although i have saved it to my phone on the app it has all gone....
So, that is all my videos that I have recorded over the past 2 days....
  • Yesterday's vlog
  • Primark Haul
  • Superdrug Haul
  • French nails tutorial
So, the question is, do I re-record all of the videos again? Or do I do a blogg on them or do I just ignore it all and not re-record them?...
So annoying. But I did know to expect teething problems with this. I now have my camera up and running so I can use that but I will need to just carry it everywhere I go! I think I need to look into getting a smaller camera too!
Please let me know what you think...
Love, Mrs O x

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Now you see me, now you hear me!

So today shows the launch of my first ever video upon Youtube. 

Hope you enjoy my new little venture. This video is a vlog on everything that happened today. 

In the future I wish to put up tutorials and reviews. I have even recorded a video already on my primary haul today. 

I will still be writing reviews etc on here but I wil also be doing videos too. 

So, enjoy a new way of catching up on Mrs O...

Love, Mrs O xxx

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Replenish - a greener way to clean

I am always looking for ways to make housework a little greener. A year ago I bought a new product that I absolutely love using and I only found it by accident when walking down the cleaning aisle in Tesco. It is definitely my one cleaning product thatI couldn't live without. 

It's called Replenish. My easiest way of describing it is that it is like squash for cleaning.

Replenish Bottle
This is a multi purpose spray and I use it for both the kitchen and the bathrooms. I am still yet to use it on windows (apparently its really good on glass) but I use it on mirror and its really good. 

 You get a pod that has the cleaning fluid in and you squeeze it into the bottle and then just add water. Each 'squeeze' lasts much longer than you would think. I think I am now only on my second pod in less than a year. This should hopefully explain how to use it easier than my 'cleaning squash' concept!

Not only is it a great product in the sense of cleaning, the bottle is lovely. It's ergonomic and (this may sound really sad) but it sprays lovely too! The bottle is one of the main selling points that the company uses as it is recyclable but, as you use the pods to refill the cleaner, you don't need to put it in with the recycling rubbish every time you've finished using it! 
Unfortunately Tesco has stopped selling it so I am trying to find where I can buy it from. I did manage to buy a few extra pods when they were selling them off in Tesco before they took it off the shelf. I would love to find out where they sell it now near me.....

Do any of you use it?,,,,

What's your favourite cleaning product that you couldn't live without?
Comment below....

You can find out more info from going to their website here:

Happy cleaning! 

Love, Mrs O xxx

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Tweet tweet! NEWS FLASH!!!

Tweet tweet people! 

Here's a big NEWS FLASH for all you Mrs O followers....

You can now flow me on Twitter 

You'll have to bear with me as I learn how to do it all but I am spreading my little tweeting wings!

Follow me by finding me! 

My name is 


Tweet tweet! 

Love, Mrs O x

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Day 3 of the no cold stuff

Today I am officially needing ice cream!

After an annoying day at work today today I am really feeling a need for ice cream. Yesterday I didn't crave it at all (probably because I kept myself busy and had jelly for dessert) but today I am. Just had a very 'interesting' day at work and I see it as my little de-stressing thing. 

My friend sent me a great recipe for an alternative to ice cream the other day but I'm yet to make it as I haven't had the ingredients in or had the time thanks to work and all the extra swimming sessions I've been doing. 

Just thought I would update you all who are concerned!

Mrs O x

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


A few weeks ago you may remember me going and buying some new make up...
I would usually use Bare Minerals all the time, but I have decided to switch to a cheaper way of doing my make up atm to help my pocket out and to help me save some money but also to see if these cheaper products do really work.
So I thought that I would do my first review on these products focusing on a concealer. This one is from 'Collection' (from Superdrug) (used to be called Collection 2000) and it is called Lasting Perfection and I went for the shade 'Light'. AND it was ONLY £3.99 - bargain!
Collection 2000 Concealer Lasting Perfection Light
I have always had dark baggs or circles under neath my eyes and so it takes a lot for me to be impressed by a concealer. However, this has really worked. It stays on (shock shock!) AND it does actually conceal and is not very obvious at all that it is on.  So, all in all it ticks all the boxes. It is supposed to be 16hr which I don't know is true or not as I don't tent to wear make up for that long a day but I think it would last that long.
To also make this blog a little more worth while I thought that I would do a mini tutorial on how I apply my concealer - well this one at least.
At first, I always used to think that you would put your concealer on after your base / foundation. However, I have now learnt the trick of putting it on first to get a plain base for the rest of your make up.
So, after I have done all my creams (I will do another little tutorial/blog on that at another stage) I then put on my concealer. With this concealer I dot it under my eyes and into the cracks/side of my eye and then I put some on my eyelid too.

Yes, it does look a little scary!

I then dab it into my skin using a finger. I don't smudge - I dab!

And it then looks like this......

(Sorry for the evil picture!)

And once I have put the rest of my make up on it looks even better AND I look a little more presentable to meet the world!

Heheeee silly pose at the end. 

Hope you enjoyed this post. It's a first for me. 

Would you like to see more tutorials or reviews? Or both?....

Love, Mrs O x

Monday, 5 August 2013

Cold turkey or should I say Cold ice cream?!....

Hello all

So Mr O has dared me to go cold turkey on ice cream for the next week. 

For all of you who know me, you know that this I going to be really hard as I love ice cream so much that I have been known to go out very late at night in my pjs JUST to get some!

So, today is day one and its not gone too badly. Ive just got back from a swim amd when i got home, Mr O had my dinner all ready. It was a lovely dinner of new potatoes, home made fish fingers and green peppers. Yes, I know, weird having green peppers with that but we were subsidising them for the green beans that we were supposed to be having but they had gone mouldy! I know that in an hour I will be craving ice cream! :( 

Here is a quick snap of it - sorry bad snap. My phone was dead and so I had to use the iPad! 

Lets see how tomorrow goes and if I can last the night, let alone the week!!!

Have a good evening

Mrs O x

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Thank you!

Thanks to you all I have now reached over 3,000 page views!
(I will add a photo here tonight as my phone has died!)
I have decided that once I reach my next goal of 5,000 views I will create a give away!
I thought that this would also be the best time to ask for some of your comments and feedback.
Who out there reads this blog? Let me know who you are...
What do you like to read about....
What would you like to see more of?
What would you like to see less of?...
Just drop me a comment on here by writing in the box at the side...
Remember you can also subscribe to my blog! :)
Love and thanks!
Mrs O xxx