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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Replenish - a greener way to clean

I am always looking for ways to make housework a little greener. A year ago I bought a new product that I absolutely love using and I only found it by accident when walking down the cleaning aisle in Tesco. It is definitely my one cleaning product thatI couldn't live without. 

It's called Replenish. My easiest way of describing it is that it is like squash for cleaning.

Replenish Bottle
This is a multi purpose spray and I use it for both the kitchen and the bathrooms. I am still yet to use it on windows (apparently its really good on glass) but I use it on mirror and its really good. 

 You get a pod that has the cleaning fluid in and you squeeze it into the bottle and then just add water. Each 'squeeze' lasts much longer than you would think. I think I am now only on my second pod in less than a year. This should hopefully explain how to use it easier than my 'cleaning squash' concept!

Not only is it a great product in the sense of cleaning, the bottle is lovely. It's ergonomic and (this may sound really sad) but it sprays lovely too! The bottle is one of the main selling points that the company uses as it is recyclable but, as you use the pods to refill the cleaner, you don't need to put it in with the recycling rubbish every time you've finished using it! 
Unfortunately Tesco has stopped selling it so I am trying to find where I can buy it from. I did manage to buy a few extra pods when they were selling them off in Tesco before they took it off the shelf. I would love to find out where they sell it now near me.....

Do any of you use it?,,,,

What's your favourite cleaning product that you couldn't live without?
Comment below....

You can find out more info from going to their website here:

Happy cleaning! 

Love, Mrs O xxx