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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Guinea love

So as many of you know, in the O household, we have a big love for our guinea pigs. We have 2 guinea pigs called Ben & Jerry which are named after one of our other loves of ice cream! 

We keep our 'boys' (as they are also known here) indoors which allows us to have lots more fun and interaction with them. 

If anyone would love a small, first time pet, then I would advise them to get a guinea pig. I have had rabbits before, which I loved, but the guinea pigs actually interact with you. Every morning they will wait for their food and if they hear us ignoring them then they squeak until we give them attention. They are like having a dog too in many ways. When we get home from work or a day out, as soon as eh hear us they squeak, just to remind us that they are there. 

We have numerous giggles and fun with them, we document as much as we can do with them.  As you can see in the video we are also trying to find new ways to get their little guinea pig brains busy. This also includes trying lots of different foods out. 

Watch my video here:

Do any of you have any small pets? What's their favourite thing to eat? 

Have fun watching. 

Love, Mrs O x