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Tuesday, 6 August 2013


A few weeks ago you may remember me going and buying some new make up...
I would usually use Bare Minerals all the time, but I have decided to switch to a cheaper way of doing my make up atm to help my pocket out and to help me save some money but also to see if these cheaper products do really work.
So I thought that I would do my first review on these products focusing on a concealer. This one is from 'Collection' (from Superdrug) (used to be called Collection 2000) and it is called Lasting Perfection and I went for the shade 'Light'. AND it was ONLY £3.99 - bargain!
Collection 2000 Concealer Lasting Perfection Light
I have always had dark baggs or circles under neath my eyes and so it takes a lot for me to be impressed by a concealer. However, this has really worked. It stays on (shock shock!) AND it does actually conceal and is not very obvious at all that it is on.  So, all in all it ticks all the boxes. It is supposed to be 16hr which I don't know is true or not as I don't tent to wear make up for that long a day but I think it would last that long.
To also make this blog a little more worth while I thought that I would do a mini tutorial on how I apply my concealer - well this one at least.
At first, I always used to think that you would put your concealer on after your base / foundation. However, I have now learnt the trick of putting it on first to get a plain base for the rest of your make up.
So, after I have done all my creams (I will do another little tutorial/blog on that at another stage) I then put on my concealer. With this concealer I dot it under my eyes and into the cracks/side of my eye and then I put some on my eyelid too.

Yes, it does look a little scary!

I then dab it into my skin using a finger. I don't smudge - I dab!

And it then looks like this......

(Sorry for the evil picture!)

And once I have put the rest of my make up on it looks even better AND I look a little more presentable to meet the world!

Heheeee silly pose at the end. 

Hope you enjoyed this post. It's a first for me. 

Would you like to see more tutorials or reviews? Or both?....

Love, Mrs O x