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Thursday, 22 August 2013

To the future... September

I have been thinking of a way to get my 'creative juices' flowing....

So, I have decided to make a 'September Oath' of me creating a minimum of one new creative thing each week.

Not only will this give me a start to making Christmas things and pressies, but it will also enable me to try new crafts to fall in love with (Sorry Mr O).

At the moment I am making lots and lots of granny squares by crochet and although it's really cool to think how quick it is to make one, it is a bit tedious. Mr O is a good support though and pushes me. He even times me how long it takes to make one!

I already have a few things in mind and up my sleeve, however, if any of you have any thing you would like me to create or try creating, let me know....

You can either comment below or let me know by Twitter ( @thelifeofmrso ) 
or you can message me here ( -----> ) 

Have any of you got any favorite crafty things you love to do?....

Love, Mrs O x