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Thursday, 9 November 2017

I'm back - and it looks like I'm running too!!

I know, I know, I have said this in the past plenty of times... but I actually am back on it!!

I decided not to start back up again until I knew that I was definitely back with Weight Watchers well and truly...  

So to start off, I thought I would just give you all a quick update on my current weight loss journey...

Week 1 - 7.5lbs
Week 2 -2.5lbs
Week 3 +.5lbs
Week 4 -1lb
Week 5 -2lbs
Week 6 -3lbs
Week 7 -2lbs
Week 8-1lb
Week 9 -1lb
Week 10 +1lb
Week 11 +1lb

Well, I apologise now for the last 2 weeks, but theses have been weeks that have been better than they could have been as I seem to have eaten out lots over these last two weeks so hopefully I will be able to get back on fire with it this week....

Life? What's happening with it at the moment? Lots but I wont bore you all for now with it. But Baby O now looks like this.....


And here is Mr O and I last week out for a meal.  


Why did I decide to get back on it and loose my weight again? Simple. That guy there! I just don't want to be a 'fat Mum' at the school gate! I don't want to be an embarrassment to him. I remember once I had a 'tiff' with some kids at school about them calling my Mum fat and from then on I was really embarrassed about her. I never saw her as fat. I saw her as my Mummy! Maybe it was because I was going through the 'trying to be cool' stage at school? Or maybe it was the turn in me suddenly being embarrassed by my Mum as I was 'at that age'?... I mean, my Mum was working her butt off doing different jobs, bringing up 4 children (all with an age gap of 6 years) and trying to keep us all together. 
Ok, so that is one reason. The other reason is thanks to some awful photos that were taken of me.For example this is me in Australia back over the Easter period.


No selfie angle can hide a photo that someone else takes off the cuff! There is no excuse now. Baby O is nearly 3 and I can't exactly say it's Baby fat or baby fat anymore!

So, after 8 weeks, THIS has been the difference so far.... The photo on the left was back in June and then the one on the right was taken in September.

If you fancy seeing what I'm eating daily you can find me here...
WeightWatchers Connect: emma-joy89
Instagram: Thelifeofmrso

Bare with me as I also update the recipes on here to SPs and keep an eye out for all the new recipes and foody finds out there that I find... I'm aiming to do at least one new blog post each week. :)

 Here's to a new, healthier, slimmer and fitter me and being a health inspiration to my little boy....

Love, Mrs O xxx

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Take a deep breath.... and go!

So I have decided to take on a new adventure....

This last year has been a whirl wind, infact, the last 2 years has been! It was 2 years ago to the day that I posted up about Baby O coming into the world!

So I have decided to capture life in an old way for me, but refreshing the way I used to love documenting it.... via a vlog....

These wont be daily vlogs as I work some days and you wouldn't get much content out of it, so I am going to make the most out of my 'Mummy Days' and video the fun little man and I (and Daddy when he's around) have.

I mean, who wouldn't want to see pictures of us enjoying icecream?!

See the stories and adventures behind our Sunday Selfies?

Him just climbing on every bit of furniture?! (And his weird dress code that he sometimes has)

Him outside and enjoying the sun

Enjoying fun out in the park

His gorgeous smile?

Little man trying to eat his feet?

His cheekiness?

Him looking sooo cute whilst fast asleep...

And him copying his Daddy trying on his watches....

So watch out, soon there will be a link with my new video... it could turn out brilliantly or it could turn out a disaster - well they do say not to work with children or animals!!

If you have any requests on what you would like us to do or for us to film, or any questions, ask below!

Have fun. Love, Mrs O xxx

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Pins and Needles

Ok, go with me with this title, it'll soon become clear!

(Also, a mini warning as I have used one sentence that may be a little graphic so sorry in advance)

So I know you shouldn't wait for it but a shock of reality hit me this weekend. As you may or may not know, I've been trying on and off since January to get back into WW since being on 'Maternity Leave' from it (!) but life has thrown me so many obstacles. I've been on and off the 'Weight Watchers Wagon' for what seems forever. I mean, if you buy the magazines, have a few good days and then eat it all back on again then you still loose weight. Right?... Oh and when life chucks those bad times in, it's fine to mess all that progress up again? Hello! Emma! Wake up! NO!

So that was it. My body had had enough of all my bad and rubbish that I was putting into it. So....
This weekend after a really really bad week of food my body caved in and has either given me awful food poisoning or something worse. Thanks body! Great timing as my first real Mother's Day. (Yes, I know, Baby O was around for the last one, but I had just spent a week in hospital with him. My lovely beautiful baby was very seriously ill. My head was everywhere and Mother's Day felt just like another day, although a day where I could show off how my precious bundle was so strong and was on the road to recovery.

So, whilst with my head down the loo this weekend (told you it was a little graphic) I swore to myself that I will get back on track with WW. I never wanted to put my body through what it was going through ever again.

So here it is. My pledge to myself. (Yes, selfish time here, but it's not just for me that I need to loose the weight. I don't want to be 'that Mum' that Baby O is embarrassed of. I want to be a healthy example to my little boy. Show him how life can be lived. Life lived to the full.) Anyway, back to it....
I swear to stick to WW no matter what life throws at me.

There said it.

So now after a weekend of eating basically nothing, a line under it has been drawn and I shall get back on track. I've gone through my old Instagram pics (@missemm4) and spurred myself on. I'm also back on here. This blog writing stuff helped me so much. It stopped me picking up food in my spare time and made me write instead! It's also a space to be honest with myself and whoever seems to read it.

Honesty and reality status. Done!

So just like when we get pins and needles in our legs.... Your legs go dead. Then you feel them again. You know you're standing but you can't quite believe it. But then you need to take a step. You don't think you can do it. You don't think it's possible. But you know it's possible. You just need to take the first step.

Speak soon! Love, Mrs O x

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Guess Who's back....

Yup, that's correct, it's me! The Life of Mrs O is BACK!

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram then you will know that Baby O finally arrived - 6 months ago! 

I literally 'popped'! This is how big I got to...

Look at my massive feet!

I wont bore you all with loads of info or photos but....

He was born on 30th January at 7:13am by an emergency C Section and weighed 6lbs 4oz

It was a week of my nightmares finished off with a real bump into motherhood but it was all worth it. I just remember waking up and asking Mr O about 4 times 'What have we had?' and then when I finally came around (as I was given a general due to implications of my epidural that didn't work) I remember Mr O tried to be funny and told me that we had called Baby O: Rupert Digby Jonty. To which I nearly cried! I said we can't call him that! I want an Albert! He told me that he had told all our friends and family that we had called him that. With that I told him that he had to call them all and tell them that it was a mistake - he then reassured me that he hadn't told everyone that at all! Family knew that we had a baby boy before me! 

Anyway, Baby O and I enjoyed getting used to each other, our middle of the night cuddles and our time at home. However, Baby O was losing weight after re-gaining his post-weight birth loss. I could just tell that something was wrong as he looked so grey compared to other babies. He was alert and all his developmental signs were fine but he just kept on being sick and was therefore looking really ill and loosing weight.

So, at 5 weeks he got re-admitted back into hospital. This to me was worse than being in hospital for a week when having him. I actually cried one day. On the maternity ward I couldn't fault the staff at all. Every member of staff from the cleaners right through to the consultants (minus one) was lovely and supportive. However, on the childrens' ward this was a different case. I had nurses telling me that he was hungry and that he needed this and needed that. I even had one nurse take Baby O off me at one point as she said he was hungry (he had only recently been fed) and fed him! How happy was I though when the paediatrician and the dietician came in and told me that the shortest amount of time that I could feed him was 2 1/2 hrs - that nurse then looked in shame! I will say though that there was however one nurse that was agency and she was like my guardian angel - she was amazing. She's the one I broke down to after having that nurse the day before and a night nurse that wasn't interested in either of us at all. 

Baby O was given a change of milk (now a prescribed high calorie, soft tummy milk) and put on medication - which I took him off a few weeks later as it was making him more sick. And my word! It was like he was a new baby that next morning that he was put on the new milk. He continued to put weight on and grow - very happy Mr & Mrs O!

We now could continue to grow and learn about each other and enjoy our time together. We have already in these short 6 months had such great fun :)

Trips around London...

The Salvation Army's congress...




A Wedding

Fun walks and trips around parks and shops of course!






Meals out....

We got him dedicated back to God... (Christened) 




Trips to Ikea

And each month he becomes a new 'month age' I have done this....

A quick update about myself...

Firstly, as said above, I had a C Section, but I also had an epidural. I have already decided that if there is a next time, I WILL NOT have another epidural. It didn't work and not only that, it's left me with no feeling down the sides of my legs :(

Secondly I took a detour from the world of Weight Watchers and went on the journey of a Slimming World Member. I lost over a stone doing it but my word it was tough! It's a really easy plan to follow and it's all about eating healthy but I just could not digest the amount of carbs that I was consuming. Being a lady who has PCOS (Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome) one of the side effects is that your body can't break down carbohydrates in the same way as other people can. I think that is also a reason why I just couldn't get any more weight shifted off. 

The food however, was amazing.... Which for some reason I can't get the photos up :(

Then finally, the classes now fall in a time that just doesn't work with Baby O. I will really miss the classes as the friends there that I have made were brilliant and really supportive and the leader, Heidi, was fantastic. She was really supportive and really spurred me on. 

So, whilst on holiday the other week I decided that I wanted to go back to my beloved Weight Watchers and back to the Life Of Mrs O. I decided that I would enjoy my holiday but still eat sensibly as much as I could, but as soon as I got back, that Monday morning I would sign back up for WW. 

Now, I will not say that these 6 months have been easy and a walk in the past. They have been very testing and at times I just have had to cry! Mr O has been my rock and although he didn't take paternity leave, he has been there for me at the end of the phone for me whenever I have needed to talk. I have also made some amazing friends these last months that have added to my friends and family network and they have also helped me realise that I'm not the only one going through it all.

One thing that is for sure is that God has blessed me in many ways but more so than ever with giving me the gift of Baby O. My baby that is a constant smiler and has shown and taught me so many things including how love can be so unconditional.


As I have been, should I say, 'busy' these last few months, that's why The Life of Mrs O has had to be put on hold. I did have plans to have this with a week by week account of how motherhood has gone, but I just literally not had any time! Hats off to those who can do that, plus be a mother, run a household, get dinner on the table as well as looking stunning all at once. At first, it was amazing if I managed to walk out the door with both having had a shower and make up on my face!!

Just so you know, The Life of Mrs O will now also have a few additional features - later to be released. But, it will be like old times too - about my journey through life, getting back to being a healthier human, crafts and of course some fab recipes :) 

So, we should now be a little up to date with life and let the fun of 'The Life of Mrs O' resume!

Sorry for the lots of writing - just a few months to catch up on (!), but back to normal on my next post....

So as always, With Love, Mrs O xxx