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Thursday, 9 November 2017

I'm back - and it looks like I'm running too!!

I know, I know, I have said this in the past plenty of times... but I actually am back on it!!

I decided not to start back up again until I knew that I was definitely back with Weight Watchers well and truly...  

So to start off, I thought I would just give you all a quick update on my current weight loss journey...

Week 1 - 7.5lbs
Week 2 -2.5lbs
Week 3 +.5lbs
Week 4 -1lb
Week 5 -2lbs
Week 6 -3lbs
Week 7 -2lbs
Week 8-1lb
Week 9 -1lb
Week 10 +1lb
Week 11 +1lb

Well, I apologise now for the last 2 weeks, but theses have been weeks that have been better than they could have been as I seem to have eaten out lots over these last two weeks so hopefully I will be able to get back on fire with it this week....

Life? What's happening with it at the moment? Lots but I wont bore you all for now with it. But Baby O now looks like this.....


And here is Mr O and I last week out for a meal.  


Why did I decide to get back on it and loose my weight again? Simple. That guy there! I just don't want to be a 'fat Mum' at the school gate! I don't want to be an embarrassment to him. I remember once I had a 'tiff' with some kids at school about them calling my Mum fat and from then on I was really embarrassed about her. I never saw her as fat. I saw her as my Mummy! Maybe it was because I was going through the 'trying to be cool' stage at school? Or maybe it was the turn in me suddenly being embarrassed by my Mum as I was 'at that age'?... I mean, my Mum was working her butt off doing different jobs, bringing up 4 children (all with an age gap of 6 years) and trying to keep us all together. 
Ok, so that is one reason. The other reason is thanks to some awful photos that were taken of me.For example this is me in Australia back over the Easter period.


No selfie angle can hide a photo that someone else takes off the cuff! There is no excuse now. Baby O is nearly 3 and I can't exactly say it's Baby fat or baby fat anymore!

So, after 8 weeks, THIS has been the difference so far.... The photo on the left was back in June and then the one on the right was taken in September.

If you fancy seeing what I'm eating daily you can find me here...
WeightWatchers Connect: emma-joy89
Instagram: Thelifeofmrso

Bare with me as I also update the recipes on here to SPs and keep an eye out for all the new recipes and foody finds out there that I find... I'm aiming to do at least one new blog post each week. :)

 Here's to a new, healthier, slimmer and fitter me and being a health inspiration to my little boy....

Love, Mrs O xxx