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Monday, 5 August 2013

Cold turkey or should I say Cold ice cream?!....

Hello all

So Mr O has dared me to go cold turkey on ice cream for the next week. 

For all of you who know me, you know that this I going to be really hard as I love ice cream so much that I have been known to go out very late at night in my pjs JUST to get some!

So, today is day one and its not gone too badly. Ive just got back from a swim amd when i got home, Mr O had my dinner all ready. It was a lovely dinner of new potatoes, home made fish fingers and green peppers. Yes, I know, weird having green peppers with that but we were subsidising them for the green beans that we were supposed to be having but they had gone mouldy! I know that in an hour I will be craving ice cream! :( 

Here is a quick snap of it - sorry bad snap. My phone was dead and so I had to use the iPad! 

Lets see how tomorrow goes and if I can last the night, let alone the week!!!

Have a good evening

Mrs O x