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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Draw a line & step over it

So I feel like all I ever say in these posts atm is 'let's back track'! This time it's back 2 weeks as I wasn't able to blog last weekend as I was away celebrating my little (well she's not too little!) niece's 1st birthday :)

So if you remember from my last post, I had my little staying over with us and she was looking after me after I had been in hospital. So let's continue from there....

We decided to pop into Sainsbury's one day to get some sausages for a sausage sandwich but whilst we were there there was a big Ryvita van, now as you all know me, I didn't hold back in going upto it and finding out what it was all about. 

They had a few offers on in store that day as well as giving out freebies (who doesn't like freebies?!). They were selling certain packets for just £1 and then if you bought 3 packets you could take your receipt to the van and collect a FREE tin :)

They also gave some free recipe ideas with money off vouchers. One of their suggestions was this... An ice cream sandwich... Heaven in my mouth! You can find the recipe here....

During the time that my little sister stayed over, I introdced here to all the yummy food I make on weight watchers. She has taken my hints and tips back with her and I keep getting snap chats of yummy meals she is making..... Below is one of the meals where I introduced her to BNS Chips - which she is now making back at home with Mum and Dad :) And the other was introducing her to cauliflower rice - she has a wheat and gluten intolerence so that was a perfect little find for her. 

So the next day my little sister left us :( and went back to the shire :(

So I then needed some comfort food! So I popped out to Tesco and got some fish fingers to make a yummy Fish Finger sarnie of course!

I was quite shocked at how low in pp they were! They work out as only 2pp per finger - which is great news as you can have a FFS without spoiling your points! 

I was a little nervous when I went to class that night as I knew I had pretty much just sat around and not done much that last week however, I was very shocked - once again - when I lost 3lbs :)

So my chart then looked like this:

Week 1 - 5 1/2 lbs
Week 2 - 1/2lb
Week 3 - 3lbs

The next week I thought I would come across some problems as I knew we would be eating out for Mr O's birthday, but I went prepared and I brought along my 'eating out' guide. I knew exactly how many propoints I had left that day and I knew that I could enjoy myself. We went to Yo! Sushi - one of Mr O's favourite places to eat at the moment.

PS Happy Birthday Mr O xxx Love you! xxx

Now, normally on someone's birthday, you buy them pressies - however this year round Mr O decided to swap it round - he took me into Russell & Bromley to just 'have a look at the handbags' and when we got in there he asked me to pick one. I said I didn't like any of the ones that were out!! The lady in the shop then said to me to 'follow her' - sheepishly I did and she took me out the back to where ALL the handbags were!!! It was though I was in heaven! She just said to me to take my pick!! Now at this point I thought Mr O was just getting Birthday ideas for me as he said he wanted to buy me a new bag for my birthday, he then said well I haven't spoilt or suprised you in a while and you've been through a lot recently, let's get one!! 

So I picked this one..... 

After my lovely random surprise, we went into Paperchase where I found this lovely great little steal..

I had been looking at the weight watchers one that they sell, but then as this was to hand and was magnetic too I thought why not? It also looks much prettier than the weight watchers one! The great thing about it is that not only does it have a meal planner on it it also allows you to have a shopping list on it too :) As it will get stuck on the fridge it allows us to see what is for dinner each night and so whoever is in first wont need to ask each other what is for dinner!! - Although I am sure I will still get a text from Mr O asking what will be for dinner that night!

The next day I went into Tesco, purely to get a birthday card, some veg and a ring binder to put all my 'Your Week' leaflet things that you get from class.... I then came across this beautiful Kirstie Allsopp one....

Inside it it's also got sections where you can put different recipes in it under titles such as 'General', 'Starters' and 'Fish and Meat' etc. I plan to fill it full of weight watchers inspired food. It is ring binder - which I have just realised is broken and probably why in the picture things look like they are falling out!! So looks like I will be making a trip to Tesco.....

Whilst I was in Tesco I decided to make a little detour to the clothes section that had a sale on (what woman can't miss an opportunity like that?!) When I came across one sparkly dress on it's own. It was a size 16 full length evening dress - now normally I would be a size 18 or 20 in evening dresses so I thought to myself just for a laugh to try it on.... And guess what, it fitted - although a little tight...

Although I have nowhere to wear this dress to but at £16 I couldn't say no - I could always wear it at Christmas and if it needed to be taken in then it couldn't be that bad!!

Oh, and have any of you ever used that funny looking tool from Tupperware that looks like a pottery tool? Well I have been given one and I LOVE IT! Look what it does to your oranges....

Now I have a confession, since last weekend (the BBQ) we have not stuck to plan at all. Now as always there are excuses and factors to why this has happened.

Firstly because Mr O was really sick on the Sunday and Monday, which I then got some of it too on the Tuesday and because of that we just didn't eat for those few days.

Secondly because I was working up in London all last week and I didn't know what shift I was on until the day before - and because of this I wasn't getting in some nights until at least 10pm if not later :(

Lastly because of excuse no. 2, I wasn't able to make a plan to be able to stick to. However, I am about to make a plan for the next week and I am so excited about doing so!!

I will say though, I pointed as much as I could - I even pointed the Mcdonalds I had on Thursday night!

Oh, and how could I miss Mr O and I going to the theatre together for the first time ever - we went to see Fascinating Aida. They were so funny and although we were both so ill before, we forgot all about that and laughed so much that the muscles in our faces and tummies were so sore!
If you don't know who they are, simply put into YouTube Fascinating Aida and your eyes and ears will be enlightened! I highly recommend you watching 'Cheap flights' first and then let your mouse take you through their other songs. 

And as you can see we were sitting right at the front. And as we sat down Mr O said to me; 'they don't pick on anyone at all do they?' and I couldn't imagine that they would, but then Mr O was picked on a few times and it was hilarious - he even laughed and went along with it. It's putting a smile on my face now just thinking about it!

As I said earlier, I have been working up in London all this week and my joys that have kept me going through these silly long days has been peppermint tea, diet coke and sweet & salted popcorn

So as I have had an awful week of food this week I have started afresh today and made a nice and refreshing smoothie to get a load of fruit in my tummy that I had missed this week. 

I now just need to write out this week's food plan and then I'll go from there.

So fingers crossed for a better week this week - oh and because of this past week due to work I wasn't able to get to class so this last week's WI will have to remain a ? !

Week 1 - 5 1/2 lbs
Week 2 - 1/2lb
Week 3 - 3lbs
Week 4 - ?

Have a good week, Love Mrs O x