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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Drum roll please... (and then pick me up off the floor!)

Ok, I have been desperate to share this information with you but as I was away last weekend I haven't been able to share this until now........

So I went to my first weigh in after my first week on Simple Start. Before I got on the scales my leader said to me if there was anything I had missed - and I admitted like I did in my last blog post that I had missed chocolate and naughty stuff but then I stepped on the scales and LOOK!!!.... This was the result....

To say I was shocked was an understatement!! It really spurred me on for my next week's eating.. After talking with my leader, I decided to continue on the whole F&H thing as it allowed me to eat loads but also as I knew I would be going away at the weekend it would allow me to save my weekly points for the weekend.

The class was really good - and it showed how great a leader she is - the class was full - so much so we had to get more seats!! My lovely class friend and I sat together chatted about how our week went and how we both thought of each other about how we thought how each other was getting on. 

The class was all about cocktails. The best part was that she split us all up and gave us all a task to find specific drinks and kinds of drinks. As you all know I have a love for fruity drinks and so I found this really interesting as you can forget how high in points drinks can be! 

So coming away from the class I set myself the task of finding 0pp fruity drinks! At first in my head I had thoughts of making marvellous cocktails but then I realised that I needed to start smaller and work my way up! So in the shops I managed to find the Robinsons 'Squash'd' range..... Which I thought were a brilliant idea. They also really helped me when I was away at the weekend as it meant that instead of having just water at the dinner table whilst the others were all having Shloer and nice cordials, it meant I could have something juicy too!

(Picture taken from online as I couldn't get my photo looking this nice!)

I also made a point that when I went into the supermarkets I would look at their low cal / sugar free fizzy drinks. Asda wasn't so good at this, but Tesco and Sainsburys were. I nearly bought the drinks in Tesco as they were really good value and also had a good variety, but when I got to the till I realised I had left my purse at home!! However, when I went into Sainsburys - with my purse! - I picked up just two drinks to try out - and they were a big success in our home! 

These drinks are 60p each and well worth it! These are the two that I bought...

Lemon & Lime which tasted just like Lilt and the other one was Mango & Passion fruit

So as I decided to continue on with F&H, it allowed me to have food like this.... (All free on F&H)

(PS the dip you see above I made from a WW magazine - and it was VILE!! It's called 'chilly bean dip')

Pancakes with fruit, quark & sweetener

A packed lunch - WW Wrap with ham, salad and quark, F&H 2 ingredient cookies (CLICK HERE to see how to make them), left over pancake with some banana and some strawberries.

Salmon, home made potato wedges and salad

Salmon, pasta and salad

Oh and a meal that took me back to being young.... Egg & Soldiers (or shoulders as I used to say when I was little!)

And as always you'll see that organisation is the key to everything as it doesn't let you sway off track!

Oh, and I got sucked into one of my favourite things... a new lunch box!!


Check out the cool knife and fork.... 

As I knew that I would be going away from the Friday I planned and made all my food for my next few meals.

This was Friday's lunch.... (Left over chicken and veg from the night before)


So after my lovely weekend away up in Birmingham with my MIL (Mother In Law) and family, I was excited to go along and be weighed again. This week my leader was away but the lady who first enrolled me to my classes was there.

I stepped on the scales.... and only lost 1/2 lb... I was quite upset with myself although the leader said that this was completely normal until my class friend saw me and she said it was amazing!! She kept on reminding me that it was better than no loss or no gain. And she also reminded me that I only need to loose 1lb and I will have reached my first silver 7 :) 

That put a smile on my face and I picked myself up in time for our class to start :) Thanks hun!

So I decided to go back to pointing my little head away.... 

I bought a new journal 

I also bought the latest magazine and treated myself to a new cook book...

I personally blame Skinny Doll for inspiring me to buy this book and even better it had 30% off it AND I had a voucher to use on cook books....

As I knew I was going into hospital this week I also knew that all this reading literature would give me some time and excuse to sit down, relax and recover!

On Tuesday I decided to do the lovely roast bag thing again - just to show to Mum how quick and easy weight watchers food cooking can be!

As I knew I wouldn't be able make tea I left it all in the fridge for her, told her how to make it and left her to it! - Doesn't food taste better when it's made by someone else?!

Oh, and back-tracking - this was my lunch on Tuesday morning before I went into Hospital

In our class this week, the 'Your Week' leaflet showed a lovely mouth-watering sticky Chinese style chicken drum sticks....

I had all the ingredients on the list so I thought I would go ahead and make it. 

As you know, I only like cooking and making things that are quick and easy to make....

Once you had made the marinade up all you had to do is just leave it to let the chicken soak up all the tasty sauce.... (Just so you know, if you make the marinade up for itself for it to be used for something else, when serving 4-6 people it's 1pp)

I then popped it in the oven for about 30 mins rather than doing it on a BBQ like it says to do

And then I served it up with some 0pp veg and some homemade potato wedges 

As always I did some investigating on food in the shops and their pro points amounts.... 

These breaded chicken breast escalopes are only 7pp each and you can buy them as 2 packs (of 2) for £4. They are decent sized too!

Oh, and I have enjoyed a banana split with some chocolate this week too! 

And talking of bananas..... I enjoyed a 'Newman special' .... Banana on my pizza!

So on Thursday night, my little sister came over to cheer me up, and she's still here with us! 

We went out yesterday morning for 'Brunch' and then we went and ran some errands like going to the bank!

It's been lovely to have my sister over :) makes me feel all grown up! So yesterday for our 'snack time' / lunch we had her favourite - humous, a fish humous dip and some veg to nibble on!! (Sorry but for some weird reason it wont let me flip the picture back up the right way!)

Then for dinner we had my famous chicken curry with cauliflower rice and then we had a mock trifle for dessert..... (2pp) 

After being an online member for as long as I can remember, I really do feel that it's the support you get from those people at class that spurs you on! I could easily give in and sit and munch my way through loads of food or give in to Mr O saying 'go on just have it, live a little' - which is his current thing that he says to me. But then I now think, no I want to see an improvement on the scales at class! 

So I can officially do a Chart AGAIN!

Week 1 - 5 1/2 lbs
Week 2 - 1/2 lb

I wonder what week 3 will hold for me?!!....

Love, Mrs O x