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Saturday, 5 July 2014

And I'm back on track....

So after last week's confession in my post which you can see HERE you will know that I was going to start afresh. Well, that didn't really happen until Tuesday.

And although I had found out that M&S do some lovely WW approved foods such as these that I had on Saturday. The Chow mein was only 7pp and the yogurt was 2pp

Mr O and I decided to go out for one last meal on the Sunday to a place that we had only been to once before (7 Diner / Hotel in Polehill)

So I sat and enjoyed my chicken burger and chips....

But couldn't finish my massive milkshake which was peanut butter flavour...

So I then picked myself up again and I went to class on Monday only to find out that surprise surprise I had GAINED 2lbs over those 2 weeks of very naughty eating. But, as Mr O said, that isn't too bad as I had eaten out pretty much everyday, and sometimes twice a day! So the weigh in chart now looks like this:

Week 1 - 5 1/2 lbs
Week 2 - 1/2lb
Week 3 - 3lbs
Week 4 - ?
Week 5 + 2lbs    :(

The next morning my leader texted me to see how I was going to reclaim control again this week... It made me think and made me just move on.

I then found this little motivational card thing....

The YOU CAN DO IT part has stuck in my head all week....

So I got back on track this week and have enjoyed my food so much.

I have found out about the love for Over Night Oats that everyone has... (You can find the recipe here)

I have fixed my smoothie maker and started making smoothies again to have throughout the day to keep me filled up


Oh and this was this morning's one....

I have been trying to make my lunches much more exciting...

As well as the snacks / dessert that went with them....


And as you can see I tried the WW pasta pot - I wont be having it again as it was vile!!

And because I actually had time at home this week I managed to cook more interesting meals (after having them all planned out at the beginning of the week....

One night the meal plan had to go out the window as I had a massive craving for Eggy bread and bacon. But, because of the beauty of WW I was still able to have it!

I also tried one of the WW Marinades and made a fake away - Fake Chinese - it was scrummy and really filling.

I have also enjoyed eating more fruit and desserts! Like this baked banana (you can find the recipe or how to make it here ) and the other is melon (only £1 in Lidl atm!)


I have tried to show what I have been eating by sharing it on Instagram (follow me on Missemm4 ) I was inspired by someone on the WW page on Facebook who always posts what she has eaten that day which to me is a great way of being a visual memory of what you have eaten that day and that you have actually eaten alot!

Oh and lastly the other purchase I made at class was this packet of chocolate bar things - and they are so yummy - I will definitely be buying them again on Monday night!

Oh, and eating out this week?... I took it in a breeze - I've only eaten out once this week and that was to the Harvester with some ex work colleagues - I planned exactly what I was going to have the night before by checking it all out in my Eating Out guide which really helped me choose wisely - I even had enough points for a dessert!!

So this week I feel like I have done really well in picking myself back up again and that I feel proud of myself on how I have done.

What have you done this week to make yourself feel proud?....

Love, Mrs O x