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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Over night oats

Well, this may look disgusting but it is actually soooo yummy.... And if you are anything like me in the morning, I run around getting ready and trying to make breakfast at the same time like a headless chicken. But this I have found to be a great time saver for me.....


1 banana
Any fruit of your choice for toppings
Oats - 35g
Yogurt - less than 200g (about 8 tbsps - but still weigh it)

Now you can use the above quantities to either make one big breakfast for 5pp or split it into 2 Tupperware boxes to make 2 normal sized breakfasts for 3pp each.

Also, just so you know, you might need to check the propoints of your own yogurt as each one is different. Some people also use Greek yogurt instead or an actual WeightWatchers yogurt or similar.... I use this one from Lidls....

Oh and I use these oats from Lidls too..

So here is what you do....

1. Mash the banana

2. Add the oats, yogurt and the mashed banana altogether

3. Mix together and add the fruits as well and mix. 

Or you could just mix it and then add the fruit on top...

Leave overnight in the fridge for it all to soak in together and then enjoy the next morning cold.... Yes that's right, cold. At first I was like 'that is a disgusting idea' but then as soon as I had my first mouthful I was in love with it!

In the morning, sit back, eat and enjoy! 

Love, Mrs O x