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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Week 13 - 'Gunna Kick off this weight!'

So after week 12's disaster of gaining 3lbs, this week I managed to kick them off.

I naughtlily weighed myself every few days, but it allowed me to see the weight slowly fall back off. My word was I happy to see that .3lbs again!! :)

As these last few weeks I had spent a lot of time out and about and covering up, on Thursday night I had my chance to have a bit of a butterfly moment.... At my work Christmas dinner :)

This was my lovely dress that I bought all those weeks ago from Avon. It's the perfect dress for me as it allows you to have the top half however you want. So as I get more and more confident about my arms again, I can slowly uncover them as I go along!

However, what did I find when I got on the dance floor that night?.... A lady with a pair of wings on her back. Yes, they may have been angel wings, but still, I felt like it was a message from somewhere telling me that tonight was a night where I can show off my new forming wings! And I definitely used it as my chance to sparkle!

I decided not to point everything up that night and that I would just eat as well as I could that day and then just point it as my weeklies.
How have all of you got on at your Christmas parties?

Love, Mrs O x

Week 1 - 3lbs
Week 2 - 4lbs
Week 3 - 1lbs
Week 4 - 2lbs
Week 5 - 1lbs
Week 6 + 1lbs :(  - 0lbs
Week 7 - 4lbs
Week 8 - 2lbs
Week 9 - 0lbs (but also +0lbs!)
Week 10 - 2lbs
Week 11 +/- 0lbs
Week 12 + 3lbs (Major :(  )
Week 13 -3lbs