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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Week 11 - A kick up the bum with a toad in the hole!

As predicted this week I haven't lost anything, but I haven't gained anything :)

I knew that after my Korma episode and sitting around feeling sorry for myself (after my visit to the hospital on Tuesday and then having to be on 'bed rest') I wouldn't have lost anything but so pleased that it wasn't a gain either!

As I had predicted that I decided at the weekend to sort out the freezer. After seeing a few of my friends post up on facebook saying that they had gone through the whole of their freezer and checked to see what they had done, they then posted up meal plans for the next week or so. So of course, me being one to follow a trend, I decided to empty my freezer out and write out a list of everything I had in it.... So I did....

You always forget about that packet of random things that you have in your freezer, don't you?! Why is that?! I do find myself being fairly organised most of the time, for example if I have made a larger meal and there are left overs (or sometimes I even make extra on purpose) I will put it into bags or Tupperware and then freeze it.

Anyway, I wrote my list out and evening meal planned for the next 2 weeks! And there is more in the freezer left over!! I have made sure that I have pointed up all my food too so it will help me to organise what I can or can't have in the day.

Stupidly, now that the Christmas decorations are up, our little snowman cookie jar is now also filled up with sweets! Don't worry, I have pointed them all out! But they are a good little treat - so I am looking at that jar as a treat jar and not a jar to just empty as soon as I can!!

But in new news .... I have tried out the new Weight Watcher's Toad in the hole. It was so yummy!!! AND again Mr O loved it!! It looked lovely and presentable in the baking tray but it flopped out of the tray and landed in a heap on my plate!

(spot the light choices sausages!! Mr O had normal sausages)

One of my colleagues told me yesterday to not worry about it and to just eat healthily and not out of control as I have done so well already and then start afresh in the New Year... I see her point but I know that it wont be that hard to loose a little bit between now and the New Year.

So this whole organisational Mrs O has given me a kick up the bum (along with the whole realisation that its not long until Christmas!) and that I only have 2lbs to loose until I am at my 10% goal. - this only came to me this morning! I have decided that I want to loose 2lbs by Christmas and then over Christmas to just make sure that I don't put any on. So c'mon Mrs O ! 2lbs to go,......!!!!

Have any of you got any real inspirational things to keep them going until you reach your Christmas goal?...

Love Mrs O x