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Saturday, 1 February 2014

10,000 hits!! :)

This week is week 19 on Weight Watchers and I have reached 10,000 hits on this blog!!! :))))))))

**As you can tell I am slightly happy!**

So what else has this week seen for me?...

Firstly I baked THESE yummy cake pops.... LUSH! I took them along with me to a local church's youth fellowship where they were a big hit - I was surprised!

Secondly I dropped my powder :( and it smashed :( - However, it means that I will need to buy a new one ....

Thirdly I saw NO WEIGHT LOSS :( Major sad times as I am now getting annoyed with that so.....

I am now back to proper tracking with my phone and online tracker - I feel that this will help me with ensuring that I am pointing properly and will hopefully question myself on is it worth putting it in my mouth as it will mean that I have to point it!!!

I have of course enjoyed some yummy meals.....

Hairy Dieter's inspired Chicken Bhuna (Pointed as 3pp for the curry and then 4pp for the naan) TOTAL 7PP

Lazy friday night - can't be bothered to cook meal - 2 slices of WW Bread (2pp)  2x Chicken Style burgers (Quorn) (7pp) BBQ Sauce & Tesco L.C. Balsamic Dressing (0pp) TOTAL: 9PP

WW Tortilla Wrap (3pp), Salad (0pp), Cheese (1pp) Blognaise (8pp) TOTAL 12PP

Had some yummy desserts....

Skinny Cow Mint 2pp

Jelly at lunch 0pp

Custard (2pp) & Fake apple turnover (3pp) TOTAL 5pp 

Bought some new and unusual fruit .... Sharon Fruit. It was half price in Lidl (25p) and I've still not had the guts to eat or try it yet!

Had some yummy snacks at lunch time - but it obviously created the discussion in my little head of what should I have 1st?!

And lastly I have started taking a photo everyday of what I am grateful for - more to be revealed at a later stage but this is Wednesday's photo. It's of my two lovely friends that I sit next to during rehearsals with The International Staff Songsters. I am grateful for these two lovelies as we share many happy hours together giggling at lots of different bits and bobs including our funny words and notes that come out of our mouths!

Oh and of course I had some good cuddles with my boys!

What have you been up to this week?

Love, Mrs O x