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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

All the zeros...

This week seems to have a focus on zeros.....

Week 20 on weight watchers

No 0lbs weight loss :) But los 2lbs :)

And so I am now finally 13st 0lbs !! :)

A Happy 90th Birthday to Band Master James Williams MBE

Making of some more lovely 0pp soup (butternut squash and carrot)

I made some lovely white chocolate mouses (Not 0pp I know, but very yummy and very oooooooo!)

I received my first kiss (off a patient!) this week. This lady was so nervous and anxious but she felt that the love, care and compassion that I showed to her deserved several hugs and kisses! She really reassured me this week that the job is exactly what God has called me to do in my life.

I made a yummy toad in the hole this week too.

I've enjoyed a lovely read of the new Weight Watchers Magazine whilst enjoying some greek yogurt and some plums :)

If you follow me on facebook or twitter ( @thelifeofmrso ) then you will see that I have made some more of the trail mix taken from the last Weight Watchers' magazine - you can find the recipe here...

And finally I have enjoyed and made the full use of my Tupperware! As you will know, I am trying to be more organised and prepared with the food I take to work. So to help me transport all the food I rely heavily on Tupperware (or similar things!) The small boxes I got from 99p shop. They came in a set of 3 and are perfect for the following items....
Here is a daily supply of food at work so I have got: 
- A WW hot chocolate sachet with some marshmallows 
- Milk (enough for porridge at work as I didn't have enough time that morning for it before going to work!)
- Jelly (0pp of course!)
- Olives
- Lunch which is Salmon and cous cous (cooked the night before)
- Greek yogurt and peaches (in a sistema breakfast pot)

What have you enjoyed doing this week?...

Love, Mrs O x