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Thursday, 5 September 2013

From Little Acorns....

... From little things great things grow ....

In light of my recent amazement on how quickly I reached my first 5,000 views, I thought I would bring you all that little quote. 

My Mum and Dad used this quote to lean on when they started their own business up ( So much so, Mum decided to re-name our family home to 'Little Acorns'.

I also wanted to say a huge congratulations to my friend Samantha Giles.

She's an old school friend who, when she had her little girl, started her own little business out. It originally started as a small hobby with sales only really to friends. She calls it a hobby that got out of control! But to me it sounds like a dream! She is now currently out in Australia and she now sells internationally to places throughout New Zealand, America and Canada.

As a creative person, I just love this.

However, as of today, Baby Bands is now a registered business. 

She originally started out making baby head bands but has now widened her stock to things such as nappy cases, wipes tubs, wipes cases, blankets, dummy clips, strap pads and many more baby related things.

Please check it out - wherever you are in the World!

Congrats again Sam and all you mummies, aunties, grandmas, anyone with a baby in mind please check it out, her stuff is so CUTE!!!

Keep it going hun!

Love, Mrs O x