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Monday, 9 September 2013

New age, New start

This weekend been I celebrated my 24th Birthday. You can watch my vlog for Saturday HERE and my vlog for Sunday HERE.

As I said in Sunday's blog I have decided that me turning 24 is a new start to life and in order to help me do that Mr O & I are changing our way of life and our ways of eating for good. I know, I know, I'm always on diets etc but this time it's not a diet it's change of a way of life.

As you may have seen on facebook last week I asked for some advice on what to do. I decided that the best way to help me loose weight was to just eat healthier and move more. That is why we have chosen the Harcombe diet as it gets you eating all fresh unprocessed foods.

I did the 5:2 diet for a while and yes, I did get results but I need to eat! My body was not built to starve!!

The first week / phase is a bit like a detox. It is a way to detox your body of all cravings and help you eat healthier.

I have devised up this little chart of 'yes' and 'no' eats to make it easier for us to eat from.
· Unprocessed meat, Fish, Eggs, Salds, Vegetables, Olives, Tomatoes, Olive Oil
· One of these once a day 50g Brown Rice / Pasta or 75g Porridge oats
· Drinks – Water, herbal tea, decaf tea / coffee with no milk
· Natural Live Yoghurt (NLY)
Potatoes, Mushrooms, Fruit, Caffine, milk, cheese, butter, Sweeteners, sugar-free drinks

I then took this information and built up a food plan for the next week so that we could do a food shop and also to help us keep on track.

75gPorridge (made with water)
Boiled Egg Salad
Egg & Bacon
Tuna Salad
Chicken & bacon Salad
75g Porridge (made with water)
Chicken Salad
Runner bean salad (make enough for 2 meals)
Runner bean salad (left over from last night’s dinner)
Cottage Pie (make enough for 2 meals)
Minced lamb & swede & carrot
75g Porridge (made with water)
Tuna Salad
Cottage Pie (left over from last night’s dinner)
So today has been day 1. I have done a video of it all for you all to see and to see what the meals looked like. The porridge with just water was vile so I added some cinamon which was even more vile! So during my lunch break today I put a message up on the facebook group which I joined and asked for some help. And they suggested to have oats with yoghurt and cinamon so I may try that on Wednesday as tomorrow I am going to have a fry-up!!
Lunch was pretty easy as I just bunged in a tupperwear box some salad leaves, chopped peppers and cucumber and then in another box I popped in 2 boiled eggs that I boiled the night before.
I think the key to this diet is going to be preperation.
For tea tonight I have got a lovely steak and salad waiting for me! I can't wait! If I get peckish then I can have some olives.
I think I am defo going to miss my fruit this week and my squash.
Oooohhh yer, that's the biggest thing or craving I'm probably going to have is squash. Someone suggested to me to have fruit tea hot or cold. To be honest, it is vile but apparently it gets better with time. I just keep thinking to myself that next week I will be able to have a slice of lemon or lime in with my water to add some flavour.
I already know that my challenge will be this weekend when I am away with the ISS as I wont have much control over my food but I will try my best and take packed lunch and a packed return home tea with me.
Fingers crossed and wish myself & Mr O good luck.
Love, Mrs O x