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Saturday, 21 September 2013

What haaaaave you been doing Mrs O?!

I know, I know, we all have busy lives and so that is no excuse, but to be honest, its not because of that that I haven't posted recently, but I have set myself so many new life challenges that I just haven't been able to just sit down and write!

So I thought I would take some time to write. I've had to schedule this in! How annoying is that?! My life at the moment is full of lists.

At the end of each week, I start to write down what to do for next week. These can be from things such as need to get when doing food shopping, things to blog about, things to check out all the way down to silly little reminder. I even have a special little pink book purposefully for lists!

I came across this on facebook a few weeks ago and I have saved it to share with you all as I thought it was quite funny. 

I am so glad that 'Eating Ice cream' was on there! I don't know where I'd be without it! (Maybe a lot thinner I am thinking maybe?!)

But the main point of this post is to ask: What haaaaave you been doing Mrs O?!
Well, since my birthday, I have been focusing on three main things which are:
1. Living a healthier lifestyle
2. Crafting a lot more
3. Using my new vlogging camera and trying it out etc.
You may have seen that I posted about going on the Harcombe diet, which, let's just say, 'ain't happening'. I have such a sweet tooth and I need to eat more than meat and salad! However, the best thing that has come out of it is that I have now not had squash in over 2 weeks. To some people this isn't a big thing, but as I don't rink tea or coffee it was all I used to drink. Actually, I lie, I have had two glasses at the weekend but that was something out of my control! AND when I did drink it, it made me just thirst more and so I could tell how bad the squash was for me.
Anyway, back to the point, as you could see on THIS VIDEO I bought a bottle to help me keep drinking water and it has really helped and worked. And now instead of flaring my nostrils and thinking that water was vile to drink, I have it lots and lots. Plus I even have a sip after every few mouthfuls of food.
~Wow, who knew I could write so much about squash?!!~
Not only have I been doing all of that, I have also been going swimming nearly every day for at least half an hour each day. And as for the eating.... I have a surprise in store for you all about that but that will all be revealed in due course.
Crafting a lot more.... hummmm well I have started the Homemade Christmas challenge and so the 'September Challenge' has helped me with this. Although I haven't blogged about this challenge, I aim to do one big write up at the end. As you will see from THIS VIDEO (from when I went up to Warrington with the International Staff Songsters of The Salvation Army) we had a very long coach journey up so I used this time very wisely and decided to get going on one of the presents (which can also be seen in THIS VIDEO).
Using my new vlogging camera and trying it out etc. - Well to start this I had to kind 'gut' out our second bedroom as we had used it as a bit of a dumping ground for stuff we didn't have a home for. Tonight I aim to make a video to post up explaining all of this. But, it is now completed, Mum and Dad slept in the room last night as they came over and it is all set to go. But I have made a few videos which you can see HERE and HERE using it. I also bought a tripod to set up in the spare room so I can do tutorials etc in there. All exciting stuff.....
Do any of you have funny little things that you make lists about?

Is there anything you would like me to make / do a tutorial on / vlog about?

Let me know and we will go from there.

Take care, and speak soon!

Love, Mrs O x