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Thursday, 16 May 2013

A quick catch up

Hi all

Sorry I have not been able to catch up on these week's food diary, so this is going to have short but sweet food diary days.


Tonight I experimented with a recipe that I found online while sorting out my food plan last week. It was an easy recipe to follow but, again, it was an American website. Luckily my Mum bought me for christmas some little measuring cups which are all in American measurements of 1/2 cup etc.

This was kind of a fake pizza, but when it was hot it tasted like an omelette / hot quiche.  It was full of cheese so I was suprised that it was only 321 Calories! I didn't feel the need to use all the ingredients they used and I didn't use all the cheese that they suggested.

You can find the recipe here:

This is what it looked like just when I put the tomato puree on:

Before and after I put the final stage in the oven.  As you can see it easily did 6 portions

It looked a bit 'sloshy' when I served it up, so it doesn't look appealing, but it was lovely! Jeremy whooooooshed it down AND complimented me on it - that takes a lot to do!

It was soo yummy and as it served 6 I managed to split it up and have it for lunch over Tuesday and Wednesday. I even gave some to a collegue who said it was yummy!!  Each time I just served it with salad as that was all it needed.

I do have to admit though that I did slip and have a few ferro rochers!! :( But I have SUCH a sweet tooth!! Need to find something to replace that bad habit!!


As today I had last night's left overs for lunch and as I had come in from work late, I just wanted something light and easy on my tummy to have for tea. So Jeremy grilled some chicken breast stripps and made a simple creamy sauce and I served it with some salad leaves and salad-y bits. Scrummy! And I worked it out to be about 270 calories.

Again, I had some naughty ferro rochers at home after dinner!


Well, with all the madness of this week so far at work (which I wont go into, but it has been worse than it normally is) and not being able to see Jeremy much this week today went to pots!! I didn't even get to see him at all - apart from a quick hello when I walked in the door, went to the kitchen to make my lunch and then a night see you in the morning as I'm going to bed as i've got to be up early - which I think didn't allow me to grab decent food. Instead I grabbed a bar of chocolate! I know now for next wednesday that I need to make something on the Tuesday for me to take and eat on the way to my choir practice.

Any one got any ideas on any easy to grab and eat sweet snack that wont kill the calories?!.....

Thursday - TODAY!!

Tonight I have plans to make a yummy Mince pie, which apparently is only 352 Calories ... I shall let you know how I get on! But I thought I would just leave you with a picture of my yummy lunch!