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Monday, 13 May 2013

Sunday - A day of rest?!

Sundays for us are usually pretty busy days as both Jeremy and I belong to The Salvation Army. So our Sunday mornings are always pretty packed up. So I do my usual trick of having my cereal (which I enjoyed a nice bowl of Curiously Cinnamon) whilst I get myself ready.

This Sunday we had our adult choir practise (known in The Salvation Army 'world' as Songsters) after our morning worship meeting so we didn't get home until about 2:45pm. On our way home I need to stop to get some petrol so I grabbed a bag of Special K Crisp things. For the amount of calories that were in the bag I was surprised by the little amount of food in the bag. I don't think I will be getting them again - although they were yummy - as I know that a bag of Skips has 76 Calories and these had 95 Calories in them! However, thanks to having MFP (My Fitness Pal) on my phone I was able to scan in the barcode and it came up automatically with what it was and all it's details etc.

I did forget to mention that whilst I was at the choir practise, my husband along with some other men, decided to go to Krispy Creme...... You can obviously see how annoyed I was with that as he decided that instead of buying a few doughnuts for them it would just be cheaper to buy a whole box. So I decided to help my waist line (to save me from eating them) that I would give them away to people at our church!! Jeremy didn't seem too fussed! Although I wasn't saved too much as you will read....

So as soon as we got in we decided to put our roast straight in the oven. We had lamb which we knew would take at least 3 hours to cook. Jeremy then put it all in the oven and put the potatoes in too and then headed out to watch the football - there was some big thing going on about Man U? (!!)

However, in the mean time, I was getting rather peckish.... so I decided that I could treat myself to half of one of the plain doughnuts which came to 80 Calories.

He came back just in time and I quickly put some veg on and before we knew it, it was all ready. We were sooo full afterwards we definitely just had to sit and watch TV! We ended up watching a programme about Guinea Pigs (A film called G-Force) so I decided to get one of our Guinea Pigs out and watch it with them - and clip his nails! However, I wasn't able to do his front paws as he seems to have been digging around in his own poo! So if any of you know how to sort or help me with that, please give me some hints or tips!!

Sorry, but I don't have any photos of food today, but I did have a mini drama last night with Jeremy and his toe! It's very swollen and has been put on two courses of antibiotics now from the GP. And then last night I looked at it and the nail is now coming off. I didn't know what to do so thanks to the great world of Facebook I managed to put the question out there. I took the advice and wrapped it up. I can deal with things like this at work but why couldn't I last night? Probably because I suddenly gained a fear of finding his nail in the bed sheets somewhere! Ughhh!!

But here's a picture of his lovely bandaged up toe!

I am sooo looking forward to Monday night's food - homemade pizza with that Salami that I have been hiding from Jeremy!!