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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Day 2 of blogging: Day 4 of healthy eating

Just while I am eating my yummy Hairy Dieters Tuna salad for lunch I thought I would do a quick update on how everything is going.

Yesterday was a yummy day full of food - AND I only went over my calories allowance (of 1200) by 100 calories! That was all my fault of course, which I fully take the blame for, but not because I was binging but because I forgot to log my breakfast!!

I am using (MFP) which is brilliant! It is so easy to use and clearly laid out AND it's free!! Even better! Lots of recipes form the Internet and recipe books have already been put on there, plus there is a community part that is really inspirational and also gives great ideas and great ways to speak to other people that who are either starting out on their new journey all the way through to those who have lost weight. If you are looking at joining something like Slimming World or Weight Watchers, then I would definitely recommend this to you.

Anyway, back to where I was..... As I said yesterday, one of the reasons I decided to start this up was because there are so many non-UK bloggers and sites out there on food and weight management. I didn't explain yesterday but I find it tricky in a) finding recipes with ingredients that are easily available in the UK and b) I get a bit blonde in some of my weight conversions (!!) so this is my way for helping out us Brits in finding, making and trying yummy HEALTHY food!!

So, last night I decided to try out two new recipes - Roasted Mediterranean vegetables with baked egg and a low calorie yummy apple crumble.

I found the Roasted Med. veg recipe on   . They have a whole section there on low calorie baking and you can search accordingly to the amount of people you are cooking for AND it has the amount of calories each serving.

This was so easy to make and I will definitely be making it again as it was also really yummy! I didn't use all the ingredients supposed to be used, so I used a bit more pepper. If you follow the recipe it's ONLY 188 Calories per portion! I added a bit of rocket salad to both mine and Jeremy's plates and then he added some avocado and grilled bacon to his - he's a big meat lover! This was my plate:

I have added it to the MFP food lists if you would like to use it to add to your food diary.

You will get to know that I have a BIG sweet tooth! So I always try to prepare a dessert (or have one in) so I tried this one:

Again, it was easy to follow, yummy AND low in calories (172). It will do us nicely for the next few dessert times! I have to confess that I did sprinkle on some cinnamon for some extra flavour (I forgot to mix it in with my crumble mixture) but it was scrummy!! This was it:

Before it went in the oven:

When it came out of the oven:

I also got Jeremy to take some horrific 'before' photos for you all.... I don't know if I should share them or not yet!! Maybe leave me a comment and I might do it depending on the feedback!

I have planned all of this next week's food (and I have it all mapped out from last Wednesday) but I didn't figure out what to do for lunch and supper tomorrow - so I will update you all on it tomorrow or Monday.