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Wednesday, 22 May 2013



Well although today is Tuesday, I am still suffering....

Jeremy decided to join up with the gym whilst I was away at the weekend and I have to be very proud of him as so far he has been up every morning at 5:45 and has gone to the gym to go swimming.

He decided to take me along with him on Monday night so I could see what the gym was like. We decided to do a spinning class - I do regret saying yes now! It didn't hurt at all, although I sweated lots, but the pain I did get wasn't to do with the exercise, but from the seat! OH MY WORD DOES MY BUM HURT STILL 2 DAYS AFTER!!! We also didn't realise that we had actually walked into an hours class. The instructor was brilliant, she came up to me as she didn't recognise me and helped me set the bike up and everything and also checked on me several times throughout the session.

I was very impressed with the gym. I am currently a member of my local swimming pool but due to all the gynae stuff that I am having done, I haven't been able to go along and if I was able to go the pool wouldn't be free or open. They do alot of classes and lessons at that pool. However, if I was to join the gym and I couldn't go swimming, I could always go to the gym instead. The pool seems to be open earlier than the local pool and doesn't seem to be as busy either.

Jeremy and I promised eachother that if I did join the gym then we would go together and work out together at least 3 times a week.

However, thanks to sweating myself out of all the water in my body I think that has helped me come out in this lovely cold / flu thing which is now making me sweat more and have under-age hot flushes!!!!

I'm looking forward to my lovely chicken tikha salad for lunch again - I had it yesterday but forgot to take a photo and it hit the spot to help fill me up!!