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Monday, 13 May 2013

Yummy Saturday night food!

Normally on a Saturday night we wold get a take away or have a big naughty meal & dessert so I decided that I would make the Hairy Dieters Chilli Salad bowls and we could then just have some of the apple pie.

I then went to Lidl (after being really impressed with their prices last weekend when popping in with my mother in law for a few bits) so I decided to do my weekly shop there. I couldn't believe how cheap I got everything and I even got some unusual items that I wouldn't normally get. 

When I returned home I found Jeremy on the sofa shouting at the tv - the football game (Man City vs Wigan) was on. He then said he was hungry as he hadn't eaten all day due to work. As he was helping me unpack he was eyeing up all the yummy food I had bought. Normally he would have opened the packets and try to start eating stuff or he would eat rubbish until tea. Luckily there was no rubbish in and he didn't open the food! Very proud wife mo. and the prepared self that I was I had some left over tuna salad and some rocket leaves in the fridge so he nibbled on that while watching the game and while I put the food away and made tea. 

The recipe serves 4 so I just halved all the ingredients and it's only 397!

 It's a really interesting and fun recipe and way to serve it. We first found out how to make it after watching their series (the hairy dieters) which is another thing that inspired us to loose weight - especially Jeremy as he is a big foodie just like them! So after their series aired we bought their book and we haven't really used it and stuck to it, so we have decided to use it to help us in aid of our new healthy lifestyle. You can find it online here

For dessert we had the rest of the apple crumble from saturday night. Unfortunately there wasnt enough to save for the next night as the'night fairy' aka Jeremy had eaten alot during the middle of the night on friday! 

Later on that night I was still full until I had a sudden craving for ice cream! But i fought the craving and I managed to fight through which helped me stay just below my daily calorie intake.