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Monday, 15 July 2013

I'm back!

So where have I been or what have I been so busy with that has stopped me blogging I hear you say?...

To be honest, I've just been busy with 'life'. I know, i know, awful excuse but i have been up to quite a bit. However, after spending some time on youtube At the weekend and getting some encouragement and food for thought I decided to get back to writing on here again.

So, to keep it easier and more appealing to the eyes I thought I would picture it all for you a little bit with a mini catch up on what I have been up to. 

Firstly, its all been a bit baby-fied as my friend has given birth to two gorgeous little girls AND I've become an Aunty again and so I now have a niece! So as you can see I have been wrapping lots of lovely girly baby pressies :)

For my niece I made an extra special pressie - I made her a playmat. I had been slowly making it for ages and when I was finally able to post a picture of it on Facebook I couldn't hold my excitement!

As well as gaining lots of time at the gym, my hubby also gained some funny sun burn marks! His latest is on his legs where he had them crossed with sock marks!

I've gone blonde!

I got seriously conned by this company. It wasn't really the company but more the sales woman. The items all went back the next day!

We have kept up the healthy eating! :)

I sang on duty at the Albert hall with the Salvation Army and I was glad to walk in and see a massed youth band practice. 

I've been spoilt by my hubby and one of the things I have received is this lovely box of macaroons from Fortnum and Mason (where the queen shops). Yummmmmmmmm!

I got greeted one night when returning from work to this MASSIVE big spider by the front door

Work has been going well. I've been receiving some lovely comments from patients and I have been sorting out and re-organising some of my roles which has all been fun. 

When we went to meet our new niece, we spent some quality time with our nephew making this work of art! 

Ivebeen trying new baking recipes! Some of the things I've tried are these low calorie banana muffins and some red velvet cake. 

Jeremy celebrated his 25th birthday. Jeremy and his best friend have very close birthdays and they have had many joint parties since they have been little so his partner and i decided to organise a big surprise party for them. It kept a secret and it all went to plan. Phew!

I've been to Norway with the International StaffSongsters we sang in some amazing places and we saw some amazing views. 

Whilst there we tried moose or reindeer. We're not too quite sure on what it was!

We spent the other Friday with friends and Jeremy's mum and dad at Henley and we had a lovely sunny day. Great fun and great food. 

And finally we, along like many other Britts, have spent some fun times in the sun this last week and a bit. This is us on the way to our church last Sunday. 

I now leave to you a new option or idea of what to hold on my blog. As well as healthy food recipes etc i was thinking of opening it up to you all. Maybe ask me questions you want to ask me (sensible or funny, but don't be stupid!) or ask to see tutorials or what is in my make up bag etc. the usual stuff that bloggers get asked and post up about. 

Have fun and hope you've enjoyed this 'easy' catch up. 

Mrs O x