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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Fun day Friday

Hello! Happy weekend people!
So yesterday was another of my 'working days off'. And at the moment I have decided to fill them with new things that I haven't been to or done etc. Last week I went to some new shops, bought some new items and decorated a cake for the first time. This week I decided to visit a new farm shop.
I had heard all about this farm shop form some people at work so, being a Mrs Owen (seems to be a thing that Mrs Os like farm shops...) I decided to check it out. It turned out to be only round the corner from my home. As you can see below the produce were massive!! I spent less than what I would do from my local supermarket on the items and the produce was lovely and fresh - I cooked with it that night - and the boys loved the carrots! For example, I paid 20p for each garlic - how very cheap - and 70p for the avocados. How very cheap indeed!!

However whilst cooking, my usual problem that I have when chopping onions occurred. Take a look at the before and after....

And one last picture to leave you all with:
This is my mad obsession about vaccum packing items! This below is our winter duvet. I finally got round to buying a new bag as I couldn't find the one I took it out of (which I then found when I went to put this one away). Isn't it amazing to think that this is a kingsized duvet inside of here?!!

Do any of you find that your local farm shops are cheaper?
Do any of you have any cures when chopping onions to stop any crying?!....
Good luck to all my TMS friends - hope you all have a lovely week.
Lots of Love, Mrs O xxx