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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Uh oh! New hobby!

So I have taken a 'break' from my new hobby... Crochet! 

My colleague at work crocheted hats for her babies months ago and I keep meaning to go to hobby craft and get some wool and some needles. I finally had 'an excuse' to got there (all will be revealed next week) and so I grabbed some crochet essentials. 

I did pop next door and met these cute little friends. The one at the front looked evil! 

I started it last night (I'm like a big kid) and I have to start there and then! My Dad always used to get really annoyed with that - sorry Daddy! This was my first attempt:

And then this is tonight's attempt:

My plan is to make lots of squares to make a blanket for our spare room. I got colours to match the colour theme of brown, cream and pink. May the fun begin!

Tea tonight was scummy. And I decided to eat it off a side plate to help me feel more full. - it worked!

Still eating on some questions people.....

Mrs O xxx