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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Boys are back in town!

When I got home from work last night I was greeted by Mr O with my 2 baby boys back at home. Massive :) 

Of course, in no time they were upto their usual tricks of nosing around everywhere and sniffing down plastic then attempting to eat it!

Here's the lovely Jerry having cuddles with Mummy. 

Isn't nice to have more than one surprise on a Tuesday evening?....

Not only did the boys coming home surprise me but I also had a lovely delivery of my monthly magazine that my Aunt subscribed for me at Christmas. As you all know I love to do anything crafty and cross stitching is one of them. So to get my lovely magazine in the post was brilliant. I love looking through it for ideas and I sometimes use their designs to add my own tweaks to it. I will post up another time about the magazine. 

And my final surprise was when I opened up the freezer - after being on a fast day all day - to find another one of my loves: ice cream. 

So of course I had to have some! 

Smiles all around. Oh and I've finally got a tan for the first time this year! Whoooopppiieeeeee!

Have a lovely day

Love, Mrs O xxx