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Monday, 29 July 2013

Laaaaazy day

As Mr O and I rarely get a day alone together just us two, we decided to make full use of a rare opportunity on Sunday. We can't remember the last time we had a free day only for   ourselves.

So, we had a lazy start with Mr O being woken up by Jerry (see picture below). We kind of had semi planned out our day with where we wanted to go but we said we would let the rest of the day fold out naturally.

So, we went on our planned trip to Westerham, where we went into lots of lovely little shops. Westerham is a lovely little town made famous thanks to Churchill. It's in Kent is only a 10 minute drive away from us. Mr O even helped by taking a photo of the Churchill statue / monument!

I could have bough everything in the shops! Just a shame that some of the things were very expensive. I also had kind of made a pact with myself as I will end up filling up our abode with stuff we dont need, that I am only on a hunt for a candle pillar / lantern for the living room for the larger candles that i have got. Check out the very cute little shoes that were paper weights that I found in a shop.

I tried to do a bit of a selfie and one in one of the shops in a lovely mirror. 

The last one was trying to show you ,y make up for the day but the lighting in the shop wasn't showing it off to its full potential. My eyeshaddow was looking particularly good, even if I say so myself! 

One of my finds was this hand pump. You put in normal hand soap and then when you press the pump it dispenses as a foam. Rather cool, hey? Plus it was red to match our kitchen. But then I saw the price and it was £12.99. Which I thought was a silly price so I will google it and do some research and see if I can get it cheaper elsewhere although I do like to buy from 'the locals' and small shops to help keep them in business. Have any of you used or got one of these? 

We then went onto a charity shop to find a book case, which wasn't successful and then on to a lovely yummy Chinese buffet. We drive past this Chinese buffet place everyday and keep saying that we mean to go there but we've not had the chance until now. 

As I mentioned in my last post, lots of our friends are at a music school that is run by the Salvation Army this week and Mr O must have been missing our music school times as he thought it would be funny to get me fully dressed and dunk me in a bath and get me with the shower head. How mature he is, hey?! He ot only managed to soak me but also managed to get the walls in the bathroom wet too! It's fun times like these that I thank God for my hubby and how well matched we are and that we have so much fun together. 

Mr O then thought that now that we had relaxed after watching Harry Potter (how is it that every time I watch one of the films I find out more things?!) that now was a sensible time to go to the gym.... I was not impressed but once we got going at the gym I was secretly really enjoying it. I even found out that on the bike I could attach my phone and it saved the workout to my phone. Oh and I could also play games on the screen of the machine while I was working out. Made me feel like I was being lazy but I was really working out. Good job machine! 

To finish the evening I decided to take a relaxing bath before I sat down to watch The White Queen. I took a quick photo of my bath to show all the things i dragged around the bath to aid my lovely bath time. I rarely take baths as I'm a shower girl but when I do have one I have to max out the whole experience. 

I shall blog in the week what I have around the bath and what they are used for etc

Monday I saw a lazy start to the day watching silly morning time tv and then I ventured to a new Sainsburys which was rather easy to get to and rather near. When I got back home and had lunch I quickly got bored so I decided to go into Bromley to get some more sample paints. We still haven't decided on a colour for the living room! 

Monday was a really lazy day and so not much happened. But I finished the day off trying pheasant for tea for the first time cooked by Mr O. 

So, have any of you tried the Cuisipro? If so, what are your thoughts and feelings?....

Chow for now, 

Lots of love, Mrs O x