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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A not-so-secret secret!

Good evening all!

After lots of shhh-ing and secrecy we finally had the not-so-secret Ruby Wedding Anniversary party on Sunday for my in-laws. Happy Anniversary!

We spent lots of time re-calling stories that they couldn't remember from the day, looking at pictures and finding out that Owen weddings all seem to have something happen to the cakes! At my Mother & Father-in-laws' wedding they had forgotten all about the cake, well so the best man said, at my brother and sister-in-laws' wedding they forgot to give the cake out and then at our's it got chucked away by the venue!

You should all have hopefully have seen by now the post I put up at midnight last night all about the cake. So it just seems fit that I had a fiasco about the cake just like all our weddings did!!

We had great fun catching up with friends and family on the Owen side as well as having lots of cuddles with my niece and nephew!

The bling bling nails lasted quite well on my hands but not my toes....

As the weather was so nice - before that horrible storm that some of the UK got last night - Mr O decided to put the roof down on his car. It was only until I got home that I realised I had got burnt all down my back thanks to the sun! Here are a few images from the journey home....

How did you spend the weekend? Did you get woken up by the storm?...

Let me know and remember to send me a message with any questions or ideas or things that you would like to see on this blog.

Love to you all

Mrs O xxx