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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Crissy Crossy Crosstitching

If you all didn't know by now, I love to cross stitch! It is one of my many hobbies and was introduced to me by one of my dear friends, Louisa. When she introduced it to me, she had only recently been introduced it herself by her grandmother. So, we kind of stepped on our Cross stitching adventure together although I was a few paces behind her to start with. We both share the love for all things crafty and are always updating each other on our new little creative tasks. We have also to have been known to sit down together, completely blanking our hubbies, while we are crafting and chatting away!
Last Christmas I made an advent calendar for Mr O as a 'Our First Christmas' present and each day it had different surprises in each pocket. It took me ages but it was so worth the time and effort - I was even bringing them into work to do on my lunch break! In the end I was sewing right up to the last minute of the last day of November! It looked a bit like this:
The great thing is, is that it can be used time and time again and will hopefully be able to be kept in our little family for years.

Back in February I decided to set myself a new creative Cross Stitch task - create a picture for the kitchen to go with the red theme. So, in that month's issue of CrossStitcher magazine (a magazine that I am subscribed to)I took one of their templates and used it in my own way. Their idea was for it to be used on valentines day cards, but I decided to do them in my own colours (different shades of reds) to then be put in a frame. So that day I went to Hobby Craft and bought some threads and some aida (the material that is used for cross stitching) and I set off on my new task.
As time went on I managed to get less and less of these done till it had to halt as I had run out of thread. However, I was still determined to get these done so I bought some frames, from good old Wilkos that were in the sale and only cost me a couple of squids, and I also bought some more thread the when I went to Hobby Craft the other week. So, they are now complete!! Well one is as I need to go back to Hobby Craft and buy some more thread that is actually of the same code as the one I had already used!
Here is the first one and hopefully by Monday night the other one will be finished too. My plan for Monday is to go Charity Shop hunting along with going to Hobby Craft (both could be a big spell for disaster!)

Have any of you ventured into the world of Cross Stitching?....
Have you anything that you would like me to try and make/craft?...
Happy stitching!
Love, Mrs O x