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Friday, 19 July 2013

Ahh! A Friday off

Firstly, I want to say a huge congratulations to my little sister who graduated today with a 1st. Proud big sis alert!

Just so you know, if you wanted to, this is what I looked like and dressed like for the day ahead of me:

So today I have had my first Friday off with our new rota at work. So as usual I decide to spend it sorting stuff out and going shopping in Bromley for the first time in aaaaagessss!

The shops I went to weren't exactly that exciting. I decided to go with a list otherwise I over spend! My tasks were to go to Superdrug, Poundland and a shoe shop!

Of course I over bought and spent! 

After being inspired by watching some youtube tutorials on UK makeup I decided to venture out of my beloved Bare Minerals make up and go for some different brands that are much cheaper. But I thought it would be good to use them as 'everyday' make up. So after watching a few tutorials by Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter and Fleur de Force, I summed down their 'essentials' which I thought I could use. This is what I bought, which infact was only the MUA eyeshaddow pallet and The Collection concealer. I will post a blog up about them at some point I am sure. 

I also spent my £1 and 99ps well at Poundland and the 99p shop on things I felt were essential, although I am sure that Mr Owen won't agree!

There has been a new shop open up in our little town called The Original Factory Store which I have been meaning to pop into for the last few weeks and today I finally managed to pop in there as I needed to go to the pharmacy to pick up my new medication. I found these lovely little items:

Which I think fit in quite well at our Little abode of The Owen Penthouse Apartment (see below). I also timed how long it took Jeremy to notice them!

One of my best friends popped in and spent the rest of the day with me. We had fun sitting out in the garden with nibbles and giggles.

 Before you ask, i was wearing clothes just a strapless dress! We spend some of the time talking about his latest performance which was on Big Brother yesterday. If you didn't see it, he looked like this:

And I've just found a link which you can watch it on:

We then spent the rest of the time having our usual us time which usually involves dancing to music (we have made a video and we will try to load it up somehow), laughing, talking, giggling some more, so much so that we can't talk or do anything, and then making a complete and utter mess. I shall post a proper blog which links between this and my latest hobby craft shop on Monday as it still can't be revealed. However, as a hint, we looked like this:

Anyway goodnight my friends, I am now off to pack for a weekend up in my hubby's home town of Worcester. Remember, think of some questions!!!

Love to you all, Mrs O xxx