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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Throw back Thursday - November

So today I am looking back on a very special day - to the day - 5 years ago.

This is the first ever picture I took of Mr O on Friday 7th November 2008.

After our first date around Tesco he cooked me a meal. This was taken in the kitchen at the halls of residence I stayed in at uni. He cooked me a lovely roast - which when you're a student is brilliant!! I remember the first meal I cooked him was ravioli (from a tin) with salad leaves - typical student meal! But thank goodness my cooking skills have improved!!

Our relationship happened all very quickly after adding each other on facebook 'by accident' to then swapping numbers a few days later to then meeting up all within 5 days we then got engaged 3 months later. I can honestly say hand on heart that as soon as I met him under the clock tower at uni that Friday morning I knew I wanted to marry him.

Then a week after that photo, this photo happened.....

This happens to be one of my best nights of my life. It was a fancy dress costume party I had so much fun with all my uni friends and such a giggle too and what was even better was that Mr O was there. I remember at one stage another guy tried to dance with me and Mr O had to push them off me!

And then here we are (this is the latest photo I could find of us). This is the other week at Harry Potter World.

Love you Mr O and Happy 5 years anniversary... Here's to many more!!
Love, Mrs O x