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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Week 8

Whoops! Forgot to press post!!!

So here is this week's update on my weigh in.... Lost another 2lbs!! Which now means that I have lost a total of 17lbs in 8 weeks - man I love you weight watchers!!

Today I went to the Ideal Home Show at Christmas - and yes we nibbled on some sausages and cheeses - but only small pieces!! So I counted them as a whole meal. We went to Nandos at the end of the day and I was really good and only had a chicken leaf salad which I counted as just chicken breasts and their sauce as I had no dressings on the salad - go me!! Hhahahaha!!

Whilst going around the show there was one lady who stopped me and asked me would I like to know my BMI - to which I proudly said it's OK as I already knew that it didn't matter as it was going down. She got talking to me and then found that it was very impressive that I had lost 17lbs in 8 weeks and I said it was all thanks to Weight Watchers where I can eat pretty much what I like and not some silly soup or shake diet (like what they were offering!)

All part of the fun there I did go a little bit mad and got pink added to my hair.......

What do you all think?!

I have also found my Christmas dress! I ordered it from Avon - but it's a pretty cool dress in that I can wrap the top half around whatever way I want. It is reversible - one side gold and the other black. The gold really looked tacky but the black side looked really nice. It was only until I tried this dress on that I could notice my weight loss........

This one shows the bow at the back:
And this is the one minus the bow...

What do you all think?...
This weekend I might brave it and try on my old Salvation Army Uniform..... Fingers crossed!!

So my weight loss now looks like this:

Week 1 - 3lbs
Week 2 - 4lbs
Week 3 - 1lbs
Week 4 - 2lbs
Week 5 - 1lbs
Week 6 + 1lbs :(  - 0lbs
Week 7 - 4lbs
Week 8 - 2lbs
Love, Mrs O x