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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Week 7 Weigh in

So, after last week's post, I didn't believe that I had put 1lb on .... so I decided to weigh myself again the next day and I had in fact stayed the same!

However, this week I managed to reach my next personal goal - 1st stone off! :) That means that this week not only did I get another silver 7 but I also got my 1st stone! :) This week saw a loss of 4lbs which now brings my total to 15lbs lost. Man I felt so good!

Mr O now owes me a massage.... He said that if I reach certain goals then I will get certain 'rewards'...

- 1 Stone = a massage from a spa / beautician
But then if by Christmas I loose the following I also get....
- 1 1/2 stone = A new Christmas dress / outfit
- 2 stone = A new Christmas dress / outfit plus a new pair of shoes.....

Can you see why I am so motivated to loose this weight now?!

So my chart now looks like this....

Week 1 - 3lbs
Week 2 - 4lbs
Week 3 - 1lbs
Week 4 - 2lbs
Week 5 - 1lbs
Week 6 + 1lbs :(  - 0lbs
Week 7 - 4lbs

As I was away this last weekend, I didn't have much choice on what I was or wasn't eating, so I decided to do this for my meals:

Breakfast: Weetabix + skimmed milk
Lunch: Fruit, WW wrap (found a WHSmiths with food at the airport), Special K Moments strawberry & A pack of snack a jacks
Tea: (We were offered an afternoon tea - again more food!) Just had a fruit salad and water
Dinner: Vegetarian lasagna & salad and then for dessert I had a fruit salad

Breakfast: Bacon, beans and then some muesli
Lunch: Salmon with new potatoes and broccoli Dessert: Fruit Salad
Dinner: A banana and a cereal bar

As you can imagine when they offer you FREE food on a plane your head automatically wants to say yes to it, but I fought against it and said no and just agreed to having a diet coke.

Let's hope the weight keeps dropping off!  I have worked out that it's 7 weeks to go to Christmas which means that if I loose 1lb each week I will have lost 7lbs = 1/2 stone! So that could well mean a new Christmas dress / outfit too! :) Ooooo exciting!!

I always find that people always say they will loose weight once the new years comes but I thought, why not start now? More chance of loosing more by my sister's wedding and quicker to get to being a slimmer Mrs O!

I had a few perks this weekend that made me feel really good about myself and make me feel that this weight loss is working. Especially when I had a patient stare at my bum yesterday!! He thought he was being discrete but I obviously turned around too quickly and caught him out. Is it bad to think that although I'm married it's nice to know that I still look good? Or so they think that I look good even if you all don't?!!

Oh, and a new tunic arrived at work for me today .... a size smaller and it is the perfect fit! I now have colleagues saying how much weight I have lost - rather than being hidden under a massive one!

Do any of you have goals to reach by Christmas?

When do you find it the hardest to stay on track with a diet?

Love, Mrs O x