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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Week 10 - flip week!

Just a mini catch up on this weeks weigh in. But it's a good one :) the chart now stands like this:

Week 1 - 3lbs
Week 2 - 4lbs
Week 3 - 1lbs
Week 4 - 2lbs
Week 5 - 1lbs
Week 6 + 1lbs :(  - 0lbs
Week 7 - 4lbs
Week 8 - 2lbs
Week 9 - 0lbs (but also +0lbs!)
Week 10 - 2lbs

Another good thing is that my 'weight loss' chalk board has had the numbers flipped! I am now over half way with where my first big goal and where I need to be to no longer be classed as 'obese' on the BMI chart! I know, lots of people say it's a chart that is a waste of time, but to me it's just some numbers that are keeping me going and to become 'over weight' rather than 'obese'

So thanks to the planning and preparation, I have managed to knock some more fat off this last week. I don't think I will be knocking any off this week after not being able to move much and having to keep still and resting, but I am still sticking to my plan and Preparing as much as I can do. 

I aim to write up a new recipe post tomorrow of a yummy shepherd's pie with a surprise... Which has been tried and tested on 3 other people other than me so hopefully you will love it too. 

Anyway, bye for now, might write it tonight as I am sick of watching TV (mostly Mr O's programmes and films. I think I will need to get Mr O to get a pile of 'me' DVDs out tonight ready for me to watch tomorrow. 

Love, Mrs O x